Corrosion protection of the tank

Corrosion protection of the tank under the oil.

Corrosion protection of tanks extends operation up to 10 years, protecting it from moisture and corrosive vapors of the environment.

TOO "YUZHPROMSNAB" protects tanks at a professional level using modern technology of surface preparation and application of anticorrosive materials specialists trained at the Urals center of professional qualifications, with a degree in Commerce and Industry climber painter and Sandblasting.

Process technology:

Before applying the protective layer on RVS, the surface is treated with a sandblasting unit. This treatment provides high purification and the necessary degree of surface roughness. The main objective of such surface treatment of tanks and other steel structures is to provide high adhesion (adhesion) of protective anti-corrosion coating to the metal surface.

After completion of surface preparation on metal the primer is applied by airless spraying device. At the same time the attention is paid to prevent the formation of smudges. This procedure is necessary to protect the metal from corrosion and to improve adhesion of coatings to metal.

After the appliying of primer coating, the surface should be painted with light colors, having heat-reflective effect and corrosion protection.

Finally, the painted surface must have equal thickness of the coating layer without smudges and other defects.


  • Saigak Kazakhstan B.V. - reservoir for petroleum products in volume  of 3 000 cubic meters.
  • YUZHPROMSNAB LLP - fuel depot with the total volume of 15 000 cubic meters.
  • Aktobe Copper Company -  10 tanks of various volume.
  • "Donskaya Neftebasa" corp

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