Metal products. Artistic forging

Types of products:

  • Gates, metal fence, fences, doors, garage doors;
  • Peaks, bars on windows, stairs, railings, garden houses, bridges;
  • Metal cans, bins, barbecues, fireplace sets, pergolas, benches, lights;
  • Beds, chairs, chandeliers, sconces, decorative items, flower stands;

Production equipment

Metal manufacturing is а complicated high-tech process. For the production of quality metal products latest equipment, highly skilled workers, a full analysis of products are necessary.

The company uses modern German press-forging equipment «Hebo», welding machines «Merkle» and paint-and-lacquer coating.

To give the metal products antique touch blacksmith paint - patina WS-plast is used. Coloration is made either by sprayer or by electrostatic device «Ransburg». New technology and ancient techniques of blacksmithing allows manufacturing extraordinary products at the art level both for standard and for specific projects.


Products LLP “YUZHPROMSNAB”  are awarded with :

  • Diploma of 1 degree -at the exhibition Regional Competition 2014 "Best Product of Kazakhstan"
  • Diploma 13 of Russian-Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Europe-Asia. Cooperation without Borders "

Contact Information:

Metal shop: +7 (7132) 402900 ext. 2086, +7 777 554-48-58

Legal address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 030011, Aktobe, 41 razyezd, building 324.